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Treehouse Series

The Treehouse Series is our most popular line of wooden swing sets; also our most versatile and expandable! With limitless possibilities and a wide variety of options to choose from, you can create that perfect play system for your children, your backyard and your budget!

Peak Series

The Peak Series comes standard with some of our most popular accessories and is designed to adjust for relatively un-level yards. With its large 6’x6’ deck and angled leg construction, even mom and dad can enjoy playtime with their children on this brawny wooden play set!

Explorer Series

The Explorer Series is the perfect balance between price and value. It is a high quality series with many heavy-duty features like the Treehouse and Peak play sets. Our commitment to total play value ensures your Explorer play system will exceed your performance expectations!

Expedition Series

The Expedition Series has four play set designs already loaded with valuable features. Expedition play sets are designed for children ages 3–10.

Discovery Playsets

Our outdoor playsets are “ready to assemble” and contain everything you need, including wood that is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained. Playsets also include the hardware, swings, slides, etc. so you have a complete play house that is easy and ready to assemble.

Commercial Playsets

Charlotte Playsets is locally owned and operated and we currently serve the North and South Carolina markets. We provide professional commercial playground equipment and playground accessories for children at outdoor parks, schools, churches and daycares.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is ideal for commercial, municipal and residential use. Choose from a variety of mulch colors and options for your play area, landscaping and even horse arena's.

Magic Circle

Magic Circle Trampolines has produced high quality trampolines for over 25 years. After all these years, our philosophy remains the same - to provide a better quality product at an affordable price.

Why get a Wooden Playset?

Are you concerned that your child or grandchild is too sedentary? Do you want to encourage them to get outside, get exercise, be creative and have fun? Research has shown that children who get plenty of outdoor play enjoy many physical and psychological benefits: it builds physical skills such as running, climbing, swinging, jumping and sliding, improves endurance and balance, helps to stimulate learning, develops social skills such as decision-making, negotiating and self-confidence, and may help to reduce a child's risk of obesity and related illnesses. If you are looking for a piece of apparatus that will give child hours of pleasure and enjoyment, you should consider purchasing a wooden playset. Wooden playsets come in a wide variety of features and functions that provide fun all year round. These outdoor playsets appeal to both boys and girls, and encourage them to develop strength, agility, stamina and creativity, improving their physical development and spatial coordination, as well as help them to learn to play in groups – all important skills that will help them later in life. This makes a playset a great investment in your child's future, as well as a wonderful present for them to enjoy today with their siblings and friends. If your child has ever complained of being bored at home, a playset is the perfect solution.

Wide Variety of Wooden Outdoor Playsets

Wooden playsets can be as simple or as complex as you like. The most sophisticated outdoor playsets may have a large structure supported by one, two or even three towers, joined by runways, ropes or bridges. These towers are completely safe, constructed from hardy and well-supported uprights that give increased strength to the structures. Some towers may extend as high as 12 or 16 feet, and often include play decks for children to use. The play dens and fabic roofs used in a wooden playset are usually highly durable and shower proof, so that children can enjoy them even when it is raining. A wooden playset with a playhouse is the stuff children's dreams are made of, allowing them to play games within a spacious wooden structure. Playsets usually feature slides for a quick exit, as well as curtained windows, window-ledges and even a verandah. Imaginative, adventurous playing is encouraged by the range of structures available for the wooden playset, including slides, sand pits, rock walls, climbing ramps, swings, handle grips, 2-seat gliders. Additional features can also be purchased to customize the playset, such as a slide extension, climbing bars, ropes and more. All of these features are supplemented with hand grips, hand rails and wooden barriers for additional safety, so you do not have to worry about falls or accidents.

Furthermore, the benefit of a wooden playset is that it does not look unsightly: the natural appearance of the wood means that it will blend perfectly into any backyard or garden of a traditional or modern style. Playsets often feature a sizeable shaded section, perfect for use when the sun is intense and your child needs to cool off.


National Program for Playground Safety promotes building of safer playgrounds.

ASTM International

Develops consumer safety standards for various types of public playground equipment

Rubber Mulch

#1 Supplier of Recycled Rubber Mulch in the Carolinas

Easy to customize

Our sets are designed to be added on to – to help accommodate growing families, size of yards and budgets.

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Our Playsets

Each playset is made from premium quality natural redwood/cedar that will transform your backyard into the greatest adventure setting of your child's young life.

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