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Our springs are manufactured from .125″ galvanized spring steel. They are heat-tempered to handle stress safely up to 6″ beyond the original 8 1/2″ free length. Our 12′ trampoline has 78 springs and our 13’6″ trampoline has 96 springs.

Our jumping mat is sewn from a permatron fabric – created from UV resistant polypropylene yarn woven in a unique pattern to ensure strength and durability. It has an ironed surface which is smooth and soft to the skin. Our V-rings are 2″ wide and with the 1.5″ wide tabbing provide extra strength for the trampoline mat, ensuring an even bounce and a longer life for the mat. The mat is stitched 6 times around with UV resistant thread.

Our safety pads are sewn from 8 oz. UV protected vinyl with a breathable backing. The protective padding is polyurethane impact foam with a double thickness over the top-rails. Our pads are held securely in place by a spring through a pocket at each end and additional elastic tie-downs to ensure that they are securely held in place over the springs and top-rails.

An extra that is available is our trampoline cover. Although the mat is sewn with UV protected thread and the vinyl in the pads is UV-resistant, the cover will extend the life of your mat and pads. It is made of a breathable material specifically designed for trampoline covers – it will protect the mat and pads from the sun’s intense rays, dirt and debris; yet, it will not trap moisture or cause condensation under it.

We do not manufacture nor endorse the use of a ladder with your trampoline. We believe that a ladder provides a potentially unsafe situation by enabling a young child to climb on a trampoline without proper adult supervision.

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